Curtains come to the Emporium for a variety of different reasons – People moving house who have recently purchased new curtains and find that they do not fit. Often people buy show homes and only wish to keep a few pairs of curtains as they aren’t to their taste.  Some people change their curtains every so often as a matter of course!  People are happy to travel long distances to view some 500 pairs.

We do not buy curtains but we do sell them on your behalf and split the purchase price 50/50 excluding VAT.  Many people find this a superb way of finding a new home for their curtains as all the work is done by us.  For your investment we will check the curtains over, measure them off and then hang them in our luxurious showroom where they are easily viewed.  They will be kept clean and dry and will be photographed and displayed on our website.

The Curtain Emporium will only take curtains of exceptional quality.  Articles that are faded, stained or in poor repair will not be accepted.  In some cases minor light discoloration on the linings will be accepted as long as the main fabric is untouched.  Curtains that are smoke damaged by either smoke or cigarette smoke will not be accepted.  Also, Curtains that are damp or smell of damp will not be accepted.

Our Terms & Conditions are as follows :-

  1. A £10.00 administration fee per pair of curtains is payable at the time of leaving the curtains with us. This covers 6 months display in our Showroom and on our website.
  2. The client is entitled to 50% of the sale price excluding VAT. We have regular fixed dates on which we pay monies to our clients.
  3. Articles remain the client’s property until sold and are deposited for a maximum of 6 months. Unless sold or COLLECTED by the end of the 6 months The Curtain Emporium may dispose of the articles to charity or otherwise without  prior notice or any payment to the client. All claims thereto by the client shall cease at the end of the 6 months.
  4. The Curtain Emporium reserves the right to withdraw from stock any article which on further inspection fails to meet our high standards of cleanliness and quality.
  5. All items are left at the client’s risk and we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage howsoever caused.
  6. The Curtain Emporium reserves the right to alter the price of items at any time.

If you would like us to try and sell your curtains and wish to send them to us please note that we will only accept the very best quality curtains. By sending them to us it does NOT guarantee that we will accept them. The cost of sending items to us will be entirely the owner’s responsibility. Curtains that are not accepted will be sent to a charity or otherwise disposed of unless the owner wishes to have them returned at their own cost.

On arrival we will inspect the curtains and look for:

Spiders, Cobwebs, Cat and Dog Hairs & Staining etc will not be accepted.

Leading Edges or Faded Lines etc in the Main Fabric will not be accepted.

Items that Smell of Cigarettes, Fire, Smoke, Damp etc will not be accepted.

Light Damaged Linings.
These will only be accepted if the damage is limited.

Torn Fabric, Paint Stains, Water Damage.
These items will not be accepted.

Curtains must be matched in pairs.
Single Door Curtains are acceptable but Single Short Curtains are not accepted.

Dated patterns.
These will only be accepted if the Fabric is a Designer Fabric and meets the above criteria. (An old favourite).

Please note we do not take any additional items, such as additional fabric, blinds, hard pelmets,bed covers, as we do not have room to store.

In order to maintain our excellent reputation we will only accept Curtains of Exceptional Quality. Please check your Curtains carefully before sending them to us. This avoids any unnecessary disappointment and costs.